Mixed Verb Forms

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    Maureen (live) in USA and (decide) to return to the country where she (born). She (write) several lists to make sure she (forget) anything. By the time she (be) ready to start packing she had several lists. One with the things that she definitely had to (take) with her, one with “in case there (be) space left” and third with “ in case there (be) still space left. Needless to say, only the items from the first list (make) it into the five suitcases she (carry) with her. Her son (drop) her to the airport and that (be) when the real adventure started. To begin with she (find) out the airline she (travel) with only (provide) carts for the passengers. So, after struggling to get all the suitcases into two of those infamous carts she proceeded to move, slowly very slowly, towards line. After all her luggage (check) she started (walk) towards the gate. It (locate) at the other end of LAX. Going through customs to leave a country can sometimes be very frustrating. First, she (ask) why she (roll) her carryon. The handle got stuck when she (get) off the car so she (force) to open the suitcase to maneuver the handle back into the case. The customs’ agent (understand) yet she asked again. Maureen (stand) in line with hundreds of travellers. The process of (have) one’s luggage, person and passport checked, x-rayed and controlled (be) daunting. After what (seem) like hours she (be) finally in the pre- embarking area. There were so many people! Due to weather conditions, all the planes (groung) on Miami so there were lots of people who (reroute) through LAX. After a twelve-hour flight, plus a three-hour layover, she finally (arrive).

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